A Dispute Forever – What’s a Great Corporate Video?

A Dispute Forever – What’s a Great Corporate Video?

18th December, 2007

Picture this. You’re making a corporate film for a college, essentially inviting students to join. It includes the features, the facilities, illustrious alumni, illustrious records, all of it. It’s stylish and it mentions all there is to mention. And does nothing to grab the attention of the comic book loving, starry eyed teenager who’s seen lots of videos like this.

Now consider something like this.


This music video by the University of Rochester is just perfectly crafted for its select audience. While it’s ‘cool’ and spunky, it gets across the message that this is a place for some serious brainy stuff. In a truly palatable manner!

Or imagine, you need to tell your client about a particular set of machinery in your factory. Then you go ahead to create a well scripted corporate video about the journey and accomplishments of the company. Spending lots of time and effort and money over the creative aspects of the video – for a client who’s not interested because it’s irrelevant to him, and he just needed to see that machine!

Videos speak. And a mighty powerful language it is. But what exactly are you trying to say? To whom are you saying it? And most importantly, why are you saying it?

Zero in on that ‘why’. Be crystal clear about it. Then go on to how you will say it. Do everything in your power to say it brilliantly! But let the ‘why’ decide the ‘how’. And there you have it – a great corporate video.

What are definitions anyway? Drama, a to-the-point industrial shoot, humor – whatever satisfies the goal.

There’s this hilarious video showing how Twitter is a great place to work!


You’re laughing, it’s not an intrusion into your time, and you’re naturally thinking of it as a truly great place to work without even realizing it!

But check this one out. A different genre entirely. A video of a hill resort in Kerala that is basically forest shots and music and a bit of text. Who would think that too many people are interested in the names of insects!


It’s very simple. But beautiful and ingenious!

Because it succeeds in making the viewer feel what the makers of the video want them to feel.

Can you even imagine a public safety video going viral? Well, take a look at this –


Okay, you might find ‘So Many Dumb Ways to Die’ gross, but you’ll still be laughing your head off. The important thing is, teenage kids who don’t like being careful will end up being careful.

You don’t necessarily have to go big. Go small if you need to. Go simple if that works. Be true to the purpose of your video.

Some business videos are to sell a product, others are to build brand identity. Some are to raise an issue. A video may be for inviting in employees, or inviting in customers.

Whatever the objective is, a great corporate video is one that makes the viewers do what you want them to do!