Creative Professionals

Creative Professionals

18th December, 2007

A great recipe is a mix of a lot of different ingredients. Each with its own peculiar texture, consistency, one of a kind flavour. That hit of spice, the crunch of vegetable, a hint of tanginess, that luscious sauce. You need all of it. The same goes for a video production outfit. Just like in a recipe, the individual flvours of the ingredients need to seep in to create something original.

In the expert hands of the chef. The leader.

A good chef is one who understands different elements, knows the potential each has to add to the recipe. Knows how to harness that potential.

We’re one such recipe. A crazy bunch of distinctive and often extremely different ingredients.

How different? To the point of being contradictory at times. Is that a good thing? Sure.

You need that contradiction.

The nature of the film making process is like that. It is about creating that unexpected enchantment. For that, it necessarily has to be a collaborative process, because you need different kinds of strengths poured in.

You need that penchant for risk-taking. You also need the one who keeps the structure held throughout the risks taken.

You have to have the responsible adult. You have to have the child. Both together, can conjure up that wow factor which is an absolute must, for a video!

You need that guy whose fury sparks up so easily. His heat adds to the overall fuel and energy that keeps things running. You also need that guy who can remain collected in situations where others would lose it, and who makes sure there’s a positive vibe going around. His steadfastness adds to the positivity and strength that keeps things running.

You require the one who keeps the ship going on course, to tide over the huge waves and storms and get to destination. And the one who is always trying to turn it in different directions, to explore new seas. Having both is particularly vital when the seas are changing all the time and shores are changing all the time. The entire video production industry is evolving at a lightning speed! That’s actually why it’s so amazing to be sailing!

To grow, and at the same time be spot on as to the specific video needs of each client, both a360 degree vision is a must and a tunnel vision is a must.

You need the snail that likes to hide in its shell. You also need the butterfly that understands every flower in the garden.

At the end of the day, there’s nothing really like a ‘creative’ person or job or piece of work.

When every ingredient works their ass off, adding their own individual flavour to the project, that’s when you end up with a meaningful, out of the box solution. A so called ‘creative’ piece of work. A film that does justice to film.

We’re not sure that’s a general formula. Or if there even is anything like a general formula. But that is how we like things, and how we manage to create stuff that we can, together, take pride in.